Prove you have the right skills to become a Professional Certified Marketer®

When you have the letters P-C-M behind your name, you’re showing the world you’re serious about making a difference in marketing. With the Institute of Human Resources Management® Professional Certified Marketer (PCM®) program, you’ll not only gain the knowledge you need to advance your career, but you’ll also prove to employers you’re equipped to take on modern marketing challenges.

The IHRM offers several PCM® tracks each with its own specialty. Check out the options below to see which is right for you.
The digital space changes fast. With the PCM®, Digital Marketing you’ll demonstrate that you have the specialized skills you need to not only understand what works now but also what new best practices are on the way. You’ll find the confidence to show how digital marketing makes an impact.

• Metrics & Conversions
• Social & Community
• Email Marketing
• User Interface & Experience
• Online Advertising
• Content Marketing

Only the best content stands out in a cluttered marketing world. Passing the PCM®, Content Marketing exam will help you show you have the skills needed for strategy, planning, production, promotion and measurement.

• Use Content for Effective Lead Gen
• Align Content with Marketing Funnel
• Editorial Calendar Design
• Storytelling and Content Production
• Multi-Channel Content Creation
• SEO and Distribution Best Practices
• Metrics, Measurement, and Optimization
• Content Marketing ROI

As a member of a small team, a leader of a large department or an entrepreneur out on their own, PCM®, Marketing Management is a way to prove you have the knowledge you need across a broad spectrum of marketing topics.

• Strategic Marketing
• Understanding & Targeting the Marketplace
• Value Creation
• Value Capture
• Value Delivery
• Marketing Communication
• Marketing Evaluation
• Ethical Issues Affecting the Marketplace