Lead Disaster Recovery Manager

The Certified Lead Disaster Recovery Manager is a four-day training course intended to help participants acquire the necessary expertise to support an organization in establishing, implementing, and managing a disaster recovery planning project. 

Why Should You Attend?
Disastrous events, which may be caused by natural, human, or technological hazards, significantly affect an organization’s ability to reach its objectives. In addition, the operations of many organizations are threatened due to a disaster after they cannot respond to or recover from the disaster adequately. That is why organizations should focus on developing capacities to prevent, anticipate, manage, and recover from disasters effectively through well-planned and tested disaster recovery plans (DRP).

The IHRM Certified Lead Disaster Recovery Manager training course provides an approach to managing a disaster recovery planning project and developing and implementing an information and communications technology (ICT) disaster recovery plan. It equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze the incident response plan, emergency plan, and crisis management plan, and conduct disaster recovery testing and performance measurements. By attending this training course, you will be introduced to disaster recovery best practices and will learn how to conduct a risk assessment and business impact analysis (BIA) for disaster recovery.

After attending the course, you are eligible to apply for sitting the exam. If you successfully pass the exam, you can apply for the “IHRMCertified Lead Disaster Recovery Manager” credential. This credential will demonstrate your knowledge and professional capabilities to support and lead disaster recovery teams in implementing disaster recovery strategies based on best practices.