IHRM-Certified HR Department

Benefits of IHRM-certified HR department:

Elevate your HR department’s performance with customized group packages from Institute of Human Resources Management® (IHRM®). Gain the talent management edge you need in today’s modern business landscape to:

  • Minimize exposure to corporate risk.
  • Recruit, grow and retain talent to maximize performance.
  • Create a strong, positive company culture.

Why Staff-Wide Certification

Revolutionize Your Business. Invest in Your HR.
Invest in your HR staff to transform your business. Institute of Human Resources Management® (IHRM®) works with you to create a customized group certification program to help you elevate people strategies and create an HR department that gives your business an everyday competitive edge.

Minimize Risk.
An IHRM-certified HR department works at the highest standards of professional excellence. IHRM exams test your staff’s critical thinking, ensuring they’re prepared to assess and prevent workplace risks.

Maximize Talent.
Your HR staff will have enhanced vision for talent market trends, and greater insight on recruitment and retaining strategies to seal the deal with new hires and make top talent want to stay.

Strengthen Company Culture.
An IHRM-certified HR department works with the knowledge and skills needed to create a productive, engaged and unified company culture – one that enhances an organization’s mission, vision and goals.

Group Offerings Customized for Your Business.
Work with IHRM to design a customized group package and certification plan to meet your organization’s specific needs and HR goals.